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1 in 5 people in Canada live with persistent or chronic pain. Research shows that a combination of pain
education along with movement can be a powerful agent of change. But it is not enough to read about it. So how do you begin to move, in the face of pain?
Practices, along with information and resources to promote a safe and supportive experience. Yoga offers more than the bendy, flexible postures you see in mainstream media. Rather, gentle movement, breathing and awareness practices, relaxation, meditation, and other tools that you will learn to tailor specifically for you.
Providing support and together, formulating a step-by-step plan forward. You really can start anywhere.
Most important is you will learn how to sustain this for yourself, over the long-term. One-to-one private sessions available, as well as workshops, classes, programs all designed to help you LEARN TO BE YOUR OWN BEST RESOURCE. To help you manage pain. To help you sleep better. Live better.