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On the surface one might suggest Dale Hein has career “ADD” – after all he has been a student accountant, a controller of a clothing manufacturer, certified financial planner, business and financial consultant, rink facility developer and operator, CFO and general manager of a 911 telecom company in the US, hockey coach (US and Canada) and hockey training program developer, human behaviour consultant and back to accountant. As varied as that may sound, they all have something in common – Dale was working to make the business world an easier place for people to manage. And he can bring all that experience to your business at Hein & Associates, CPA.

Let’s be honest – the business environment is a challenge. CRA, CPP, EI, EHT, WSIB, personal tax, corporate tax, SRED, GST, HST, US tax, T4, T5, T4A, T5018, IPP, RRSP, TFSA, …… all government requirements and regulations that add cost and complexity to your business. It is a major reason accountants even have jobs! And admittedly it is a major reason why Hein & Associates exists; to cut through and take care of all that “stuff” for you so you can focus on what you do to earn a successful living. If you are a sales person you need to be selling, not doing payroll. If you are a professional you need to be practicing and billing, not filing HST returns. If you are a developer, of software or real estate, you need to be coding or figuring out what property will meet the codes, not filling out SRED and T5018 forms. And if you are a tradesperson you need to keep plying your trade not dealing with WSIB and CRA issues.

It is a shame that it is this complicated, but Hein & Associates exists to provide solutions to the business issues you face – supplying manpower to take care of the payroll and bookkeeping; preparing financial statements and projections to help you get that business loan; planning how to minimize corporate and personal income tax so you keep as much of your earnings as you can; and, filing the necessary returns in a timely fashion so there are no tax or cash flow surprises. We want to get you ahead of the wave, not washed away by the government tsunami of paperwork and bureaucracy.

We have staff that can assist – CPA, CGA, CMA, CFP – all professionally designated people to get the job done right. In fact, over 100 years of collective tax, accounting and financial planning experience second to none. And at our firm you are a client, not a number; a person, not a file. We respond to email and phone calls same day. All questions are good questions – we won’t talk down to you and we put accounting and tax jargon into plain English. You don’t need to be an accountant to talk to an accountant at Hein & Associates!

We use all the technology that exists today to be efficient and cost-effective with your work – secure client information portal, CRA web access, efiling of virtually all tax returns and documents, web and video conferencing, phones (yes, we still use telephones), web site online payments to CRA and H&A, and mobile cheque depositing. And our rates are fair – not the lowest but not the most expensive either. We emphasize the VALUE of our services not an hourly rate.

Gone is the boring and intimidating accountant stereotype! We care about you and your business, and we are on your side. As we near the year’s end, your tax obligation should never be a surprise. We want you to be prepared and know that your financial situation is optimized. To that end, we offer a comprehensive package of services for individuals including:

Personal tax and financial planning

Personal tax preparation

Investment review

Debt management

Estate planning and trust tax preparation

Liaison with CRA

And for businesses:

Accounting and bookkeeping – annual or monthly or quarterly

Financial statement preparation

Cashflow forecasting

Business and corporate tax planning

Corporate restructuring and refinancing

We can design the package that best suits your needs and gives you peace of mind!

Email or call us today to set up your initial consultation:, 613-435-7690.

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