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Regarding COVID-19 Property Tax Relief for Business Owners and Residents

Property tax relief in Ottawa is like using an umbrella in a tornado.

President of the Stittsville Business Association, Allan Ryan and his constituents have taken issue with the latest property tax relief program. The Association is pushing the city to do more for business owners and residents as we face an unprecedented shut-down.

Ryan is asking that the city seriously consider moving the deferral date to June 30th and making that decision quickly. In a crisis situation leaders need to emerge to ensure enough is being done to protect our overall system and ensure it recovers firmly.

In a letter to the councilor Ryan says: "The April 15th date is merely 3 weeks away. City staff themselves indicated that all city programs and permit applications etc will be deferred now until at least June 30th due to COVID-19. It is clear to all, including Dr. Vera Etches at the city and by provincial health officials as well, that we are looking at months NOT weeks before we see relief from this pandemic. Therefore, the extension to April 15th does now make sense nor does it provide real relief for ratepayers or our business owners. It is simply not good enough." To read the full e-mail from Allan Ryan to Councillor Glen Gower, please click here. In the meantime We will continue to put the best interests of our members, Stittsville Business Owners and Residents forward during these troubling times; providing updates as they come in.


The Stittsville Business Association

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