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We are Waiving our Annual Membership Fee to Support you through the Pandemic.

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures.

As we fight the biggest crisis in our generation, it will put strain on both our country’s health system and economy. The Stittsville Business Association was founded over 2 years ago on the premise that an organization needed to exist to help local businesses thrive. Facing the biggest challenge of our lives, we see no better time than now for the association to step up and be a driving force for all businesses in Stittsville. It is our duty to help ensure both our members and the local business community survive this shut down and then thrive into the reopening of the economy. That is why we are making a bold statement by offering ALL Stittsville Businesses a 1 year FREE membership. Businesses need all the help they can get and we want to be there for our community in their time of need. 

All businesses (large, medium, small, freelance or home-based) can now sign up on our website All fees are waived for the year, and you become part of a collective voice, advocating for your business and the business community in Stittsville. All current members will receive their next year free (no action needed). As we battle COVID-19 you will have access to the full power of the Stittsville BA: 

  • Website profile for your business on the Stittsville BA site

  • Social media exposure through our channels

  • Opportunity to share your offers, COVID changes, products etc 

  • Blog space (boosted on social media as well)

  • Networking and community events (on pause until cleared again)

  • Advocating for Stittsville Businesses with Government and Municipalities 

  • Collective voice of members

  • Online webinars

  • Brainstorm and think tank session with other members (currently on ZOOM and Google)

  • Wealth of knowledge shared from experts - key information on COVID-19 items

  • Stittsville BA logo sticker for window/door

These are incredibly challenging times, and we are all in this together. Let’s make sure the great businesses in Stittsville can thrive after this pandemic. Join now.  #shoplocal

Best Regards,

Allan Ryan

Bradley’s Insurance &

President of the Stittsville Business Association

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