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The Stittsville Business Association is committed to ensuring the success of businesses in Stittsville. Our mandate is to deliver value to our members through a series of strategies. Our "Shop Stittsville" slogan is supported by our four pillar approach - a mixture of social media, an interactive website, networking events and community planned activities. We aim to use our collective voice as a business community to educate our residents on the high quality of business services available in their own backyards! We're focused on ensuring members get a return on their investment by bringing this awareness to one another and to the community as a whole - so that all of us will be more confident to "Think Local! Shop Stittsville!"

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September 16, 2019


The City of Ottawa ridematching system was developed in collaboration with Transport Canada to include Ottawa employees and residents working in Ottawa or Gatineau. All residents and employees within the National Capital Region (NCR) are encouraged to try the new system.

Carpooling lets you share the cost of driving; it provides you with company for your commute and saves you money. It is often the perfect solution for commuters located far from their worksite or without access to transit service. In some families carpooling to work avoids the need for a second car.

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